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Preface by M.P.Pandit quoted in the Book

Pondicherry, June 25th, 1985


How shall we place him? A humanist? An

emerging poet?  Lover of nature? Seeker of truth?

These questions naturally arise as we read this

collection of the author’s writings during the last

two decades. Actually he is all of them- and more. Whether the reflection presented here are

narrative, lyrical or contemplative – as he classifies 

them – there is one striking note that runs through

all, and that is his passion for love which is another

face of truth. No experience of life and evidently he

has had many – leaves him bitter. Even death

reveals to him another side of life.


The themes he handles are varied. The way he expresses himself makes us wonder what the

strength of his appeal is.


Rising Sun Melting Mists (1).jpg

Beauty of sky? Power of thought? No, it is the authenticity of his experience, psychological and spiritual, that touches the reader and makes him as humble as the writer himself. Whether he speaks of the guru ‘who leaves no footprints’ or of prayer with the language of ‘tears in the

eye’ rather than of ‘words upon the lips’ or of the trap of solitude, we are the presence of an ardent seeker. The thinker in him love precision of expression: truth, he says, is beyond method astrology

is indicative, not determinative.


Epigrams abound. Read a few of them:


“A mind that revolts against what perceives may bring about a revolution; a mind that revolts against its own luck of perception brings about evolution.”


“I have heard your speech in the silence of my heart; I have felt the caressing touch of your tender fingers in tears trickling down the cheeks."


All may not be cultured enough, evolved enough, to follow the author in each of his contemplations. But every one is certain to benefit in culture of his soul by reading this book. Let us turn to the pages forthwith and refresh ourselves in the Stream of Saraswathi, Impeller to happy truths, in whom the writer has found great Refuge.

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