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The Philanthropist

"How to gain the capacity for selfless love? How to fill this dry and parched shell with the milk of kindness? By striving for knowledge and praying for Grace – how else?


So let us come to feel more and more within us how all this is one, by applying the spiritual words we have heard to our personal experience, by contemplating the real or

unreal nature of our pleasures and possessions. Love must remain the substratum upon which activity is super-imposed.


The world will reward us with an awareness

of the effulgent Self if we humbly go to it

with selfless love. The perfect one, whoever he is, is not known by outward signs. He is ever natural, and sees naturalness alone everywhere. To those that have misunderstood themselves to be cripples, he will reveal the potent power of their own limbs. He tempts us with crutches only to make us walk on our legs. He rids us of our self imposed defeatism."


- Dwaraknath Reddy

Focused on Upliftment of Rural and Urban Poor 


The Dwaraknath Reddy Ramanarpanam Trust (DRRT) was established by Mr. Dwaraknath Reddy, Chairman of the Nutrine Group of Companies, dedicating his lifetime personal earnings and wealth towards charitable and developmental activities for the poor.

The Foundation is focused on upliftment of rural and urban poor through its various activities and initiatives that drive improvement in livelihood, healthcare and provide rights based education to the poor children.

Dwaraknath Reddy, in his own words said : 

 "This Trust will be recognized by its fragrance, the sweet fragrance of selfless love. The acceptance of this offering by the needy is all the blessings I seek in return.”

And so the The Ramanarpanam Trust was born, as the offering or “arpanam” of a devoted "sadhaka" to his spiritual master, Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.

The guiding light and inspiration has been Shri. V. Dwaraknath Reddy – a humble, simple, caring and giving person.

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Founder Trustee


Anita Reddy

Managing Trustee


Vikram Reddy



Pratap Reddy



Ranjini Amma



Our Strength

I was the eldest of the three siblings. Quietly supporting my father and us, was my beautiful mother Ranjini. Indiramma, my aunt, remained my guiding angel, a “mother”, who I was able to talk to, confide in and laugh with. Memories of these wonderful people are reason for me to believe in the “shakthi” of a woman. Their lives have been an inspiration for those of us who knew them.

- Anita Reddy

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