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Preface by : Swami Iswarananda Giri

Samvit Sadhanayana,Mount Abu,Rajasthan, India


It opens very much Shvetashwatara Upanishad of Krishna Yajur Veda in the hushed silence of the room where  the top most philosophers are gathered to discuss the deep issues of the beginnings of creations. Time, Nature, World order, Universal will, Matter,God are some of the principles proposed for, and later deposed from, the hoary seat of Origin of things.


The writer of the present work Shri Dwaraknath Reddy has evidently imbibed the spirit of Upanishadic teachings and is ready to rub shoulders with the Bramhavadins of the space age. The compulsions of this age inspire the writer to present vision of the ultimate truth in the garb of modern science. And, one may be tempted to say he goes one step further and induces the vision to perform a stunning cat walk to impress how well  the new government fits its elegant form.


This makes the book very attractive. 

Death Was Never Born Life Never Died (2)
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