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The easy conclusion that consciousness must be an output of the brain in us, is severely suspect.

Consciousness is the energy of LIFE, because of which alone we think, feel, act and react. Like fresh bone blood or heart, brain to be matter, derived from food and structured as another organ. Matter is inert insentient, DEAD. How can life emerge from molecules of matter?

Energies manifest through equipment, but are not produced by them. Consciousness is forever. It exists prior to the body,plays for a lifetime through the body,and continues to exist after the body dies.A corpse is a fused bulb ,a broken machine. How can consciousness die?

Can evolution be the workings of blind chance? or must there be a purpose and direction,a charting of intelligence,an unfoldment of intent?what enduring factor contributes continuity of meaning and method to an eternity of change? How does continuity of purpose survive when individuals die? Icf it abides in consciousness,how does it negotiate the barrier of the death of the body equipment?what is the rationale

Of reincarnation?

Mind is a ceaseless flow of thoughts.the I-AM-ness in personalized consciousness is the clue and guide to solve the riddle of creation.there in lies salvation.let us re-examine the identities of brain and mind.


Comments about the author and the book

“The approach is both scholarly and mystic pages soaked with fundamental upanishadic ideas regarding mind consciousness, ego, along with concepts of Relativity and quantum physics…..scintillating lines….clarity of vision

Of author’s flight on two wings of reason and intuition.”

- Swami Jitatmanda (Physicist turned senior monk), Sri Ramakrishna mission Rajkot

“……..reproducible reliable subjective experiences also can be communicated and evoked. Dwarakanath Reddy shows us by example how this can be done. I am pleased to introduce this book to the scientific spirit of enquiry on all of you,professional scientist and man alike.”

 - Dr. E.G.G Sudarshan (Reputed Maths Science Professor, University of Texas, Austin, USA)

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