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The Book is  a collection of articles written over a period of a few years and later put together. The astounding first intimation to the effect that, by the word God, all saints and sages of all times have implied the realizable truth of oneself, was received by the author when he was a 35 year old man - of - the - world. The revelation broke upon him with explosive wonderment and delight. How could such an inheritance be forfeited through indifference? He questioned, searched for answers, contemplated, and tried to shape his life as prompted by the ascending reality of self- enquiry. 


"Enjoy the poetic prose of his soaring thoughts. Each article an Upanishadic Canto"  

- Swami Chinmayananda, international exponent of Vedanta and spiritual master


"A book of great value..sincerity and intense spiritual aspiration."

- The Theosophist

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