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He was a Hero to Me

"He has been a very special person to me from the first day I met him. As a successful business man he talked philosophy, ethics, spirituality, society and interpreted for me the deeper meaning of my own work in a manner that kept me spellbound. 

He fondly signed for me and gifted his book, “The Physics of Karma: A Requiem to Time” saying it would mean something to me. I could never fathom its depth as combination of science and spirituality was beyond me. 

He was a hero to me leaving business and moving to an Ashram. And then his ‘Giving Pledge’ that enabled Anita to pursue her dreams and goals in education, leadership, training,  entrepreneurship and empowerment—all focused on the poor and the marginalized. The father-daughter team, him the loving supporter and she the passionate doer, has been my special privilege to know and admire.  I honestly know nobody who has combined such diverse grassroots  development initiatives as creatively as Anita has."

Kirtee Shah - Architect, Ahmedabad

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